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Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 is here!

2007 has arrived and it is still dry on Kangaroo Island. The weather forecasts for rain just hasn't brought enough to help ease the situation for most people and the animals are certainly showing signs of stress.

I have seen Tammar Wallabies which are normally quite timid ignoring people just so they can feed when they come across food and this has even been in broad daylight on a hot day.

Yesterday we were outside the house gathering clothes from the laundry to put out on the drying line and there was a 3 foot long tiger snake drinking out of the little water tub we leave out for the birds near the house. There have been reports in other parts of Australia of a record number of snake bites and sightings around houses (even in the cities) because the snakes are desperate for water and will hang around house drains and taps just to get a drink.

Hopefully 2007 will bring some relief to the situation here on Kangaroo Island or we risk bushfires with everything so dry and combustible.

We would like to wish everyone a HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL 2007.

Bea - Kangaroo Island


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