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Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas on Kangaroo Island

Well - it's hard to believe but my list for 2006 is far from completed and it is almost Christmas already.

The weather bureau was forecasting floods and heavy rains yesterday so we prepared our tanks to catch as much rain as we possibly could - alas, all we got was some light "fairy" rain........... so no joy yet.

The weather has turned from a raging hot day with temperatures ranging from around 40+C on Saturday 9th December to a cool 15+C today....... and Christmas is apparently going to hover around the mid teens with southerly winds.

So if you are planning to visit the island around Christmas - make sure you pack your jumpers and wet weather gear (more to keep out the wind) with you so that you will at least be prepared for the cooler days.

To check the what the weather will be doing - here's a great link.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and celebrations for the coming year.

Bea - Kangaroo Island


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