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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kangaroo Island - beautiful September days

It has been a beautiful day at Seal Bay today - calm, glassy water and oh so sheltered on the beach.

That's a really dramatic change from just two days ago when the winds were icy cold and we had people coming up from the beach with frozen faces and blue lips!!!!

There has been a bit of rain thankfully in the evenings but the flora and fauna are pretty confused. Birds are nesting earlier than usual and the plants are flowering all over the island. Of course the bees are pretty active too!!!

We have had quite a few of them come in to the house and the bee keepers will be happy - they are anticipating huge productions from their swarms this season - all that yummy Kangaroo Island honey from the ligurian bee (from Italy) which is found ONLY on Kangaroo Island now.

Well - better keep plugging, time is skipping and I am way behind the list of "things to do".........

Margarita (Rita) is doing well - some more updates on her, so visit her update page.......

catch you soon

hugs from Kangaroo Island


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