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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A warm winter on Kangaroo Island

Well - so far, the cold wet winters we are used to have hasn't happened yet!

I wonder if we will be able to have decent showers come November/December at this rate. It is a worry, the forecasts for rain have not brought us much. We seem to be experiencing the summer weather patterns with gusty and warm northerly winds instead of the rain and wild southerly winds.

If a cold snap happens, the farmers will suffer as it would probably destroy their crops and not sure how the livestock will cope.

The birds seem to be a bit confused, ravens and magpies were flying around with nesting material early this month already!

Oh well - let's see what will happen.

In the meantime - I am stressed out with trying to change over my webhost and am hoping there will be no downtime to my sites.

catch you later.
Bea - Kangaroo Island


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