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Friday, January 05, 2007

December Boys petition

This is not a commercial or political site so I can't post comments which have a commercial interest. However, a comment was posted to this blog about a Harry Potter film which was partially located on Kangaroo Island so here is a link you can use to read up more about it.

December Boys

It seems there is a petition going on to ask the distributors, Warner Bros, to release it worldwide. This is the link to the petition.

This is the best I can do without ignoring the comment and still encouraging Kangaroo Island related events to be posted on this blog.

Bea - Kangaroo Island

2007 is here!

2007 has arrived and it is still dry on Kangaroo Island. The weather forecasts for rain just hasn't brought enough to help ease the situation for most people and the animals are certainly showing signs of stress.

I have seen Tammar Wallabies which are normally quite timid ignoring people just so they can feed when they come across food and this has even been in broad daylight on a hot day.

Yesterday we were outside the house gathering clothes from the laundry to put out on the drying line and there was a 3 foot long tiger snake drinking out of the little water tub we leave out for the birds near the house. There have been reports in other parts of Australia of a record number of snake bites and sightings around houses (even in the cities) because the snakes are desperate for water and will hang around house drains and taps just to get a drink.

Hopefully 2007 will bring some relief to the situation here on Kangaroo Island or we risk bushfires with everything so dry and combustible.

We would like to wish everyone a HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL 2007.

Bea - Kangaroo Island

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas on Kangaroo Island

Well - it's hard to believe but my list for 2006 is far from completed and it is almost Christmas already.

The weather bureau was forecasting floods and heavy rains yesterday so we prepared our tanks to catch as much rain as we possibly could - alas, all we got was some light "fairy" rain........... so no joy yet.

The weather has turned from a raging hot day with temperatures ranging from around 40+C on Saturday 9th December to a cool 15+C today....... and Christmas is apparently going to hover around the mid teens with southerly winds.

So if you are planning to visit the island around Christmas - make sure you pack your jumpers and wet weather gear (more to keep out the wind) with you so that you will at least be prepared for the cooler days.

To check the what the weather will be doing - here's a great link.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and celebrations for the coming year.

Bea - Kangaroo Island

Monday, December 04, 2006

Kangaroo Island in December

Well, the rain we desperately need is still no way in sight. Everything looks brown and dry, wildlife is suffering..... kangaroos are just looking tired and wallabies which are normally timid and shy are exposing themselves just to get some food.

The koala joeys have started coming out of their pouches but I wonder if they will do well?

We desperately need rain and there have been a few fires on the island from lightning strikes during thunderstorms which have no rain in them. It looks like it will be a harsh summer for everything here on the island.

The flowers look like they are struggling and thought the Ligurian bees seem to be churning out honey and the beekeepers are busy who knows what the next few weeks will bring us.

Hopefully we will have some rain soon - even if it is only a little bit........ every drop will help.

Bea - Kangaroo Island

Friday, September 22, 2006

September on Kangaroo Island

It has been an eventful month here on Kangaroo Island.

It's been dry and is still not much rain in sight - not enough rain and farmers are worried about their crops and livestock, residents are wondering if they will be able to make it through the summer with the very scarce amounts of water collected with the sporadic rains so far.

This winter was declared as the driest winter in 168 years in Adelaide and it wouldn't be far off the mark here on Kangaroo Island.

Birds have started nesting earlier than usual - their patterns are not dictated by calendar dates and winter was so mild it seemed more like a beautiful spring!

There has been excitement on the island with the spotting of Antarctic Terns I will be posting photos of them on the bird sightings page and as I get time I will also post the more common birds which are found on Kangaroo Island.

The weather is turning and there have been days of wild gale force winds with beautiful hot sunny days followed by cold and windy days............... still beautiful along the coasts but be prepared and make sure you have your wet weather gear as well as your shorts and t-shirts when you visit over the following months.

I will be away for a month so there won't be many more updates until I get back end of October.

Take care..........

Bea - Kangaroo Island

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kangaroo Island - beautiful September days

It has been a beautiful day at Seal Bay today - calm, glassy water and oh so sheltered on the beach.

That's a really dramatic change from just two days ago when the winds were icy cold and we had people coming up from the beach with frozen faces and blue lips!!!!

There has been a bit of rain thankfully in the evenings but the flora and fauna are pretty confused. Birds are nesting earlier than usual and the plants are flowering all over the island. Of course the bees are pretty active too!!!

We have had quite a few of them come in to the house and the bee keepers will be happy - they are anticipating huge productions from their swarms this season - all that yummy Kangaroo Island honey from the ligurian bee (from Italy) which is found ONLY on Kangaroo Island now.

Well - better keep plugging, time is skipping and I am way behind the list of "things to do".........

Margarita (Rita) is doing well - some more updates on her, so visit her update page.......

catch you soon

hugs from Kangaroo Island

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A warm winter on Kangaroo Island

Well - so far, the cold wet winters we are used to have hasn't happened yet!

I wonder if we will be able to have decent showers come November/December at this rate. It is a worry, the forecasts for rain have not brought us much. We seem to be experiencing the summer weather patterns with gusty and warm northerly winds instead of the rain and wild southerly winds.

If a cold snap happens, the farmers will suffer as it would probably destroy their crops and not sure how the livestock will cope.

The birds seem to be a bit confused, ravens and magpies were flying around with nesting material early this month already!

Oh well - let's see what will happen.

In the meantime - I am stressed out with trying to change over my webhost and am hoping there will be no downtime to my sites.

catch you later.
Bea - Kangaroo Island

Monday, August 07, 2006

FIRST Update on Rita (Margarita)

Well - I got the first update on Rita from Mama Bev and it is up with some cute pics on my website.........

Updates on Rita

cheers from Kangaroo Island